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Friday, February 21st & Saturday, February 22nd, 2020 | 9am-5pm
Four Points Sheraton*, San Rafael 1010 Northgate Drive San Rafael, CA 94903

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You have massive value to bring, you run your business with a desire to serve and make a difference in the lives of your clients. To enjoy the running of a profitable and sustainable enterprise, it is essential to run your business with key guiding principles that keep the revenue flowing and allow you to continually focus on doing what is the highest and best use of your time, so you can better fulfill your mission and live your ideal life. In this eye-opening and thought-provoking, live-and-in-person two-day event for women on a mission, you will:

  • See how to lift the veil between who you are “supposed to be” and who you really are as a woman with a plan and purpose.

  • Learn how to always be yourself while doing your thing, so that your right clients will be magnetized to work with you.

  • Realize the biggest barrier to catapulting your business that will make it simple for you to get into action.

  • Uncover a few business myths that are getting in the way of you being louder and prouder about the value you bring.

  • Understand what it takes to cultivate long-term and lifelong clients and how to get started.

  • Embrace the top three ways to build massive influence that you will love and will bring you more personal fulfillment than anything.

  • Discover Caterina’s super fun plan to gain a ton of referrals on a regular basis that will allow you to gain new clients that are open to what you have to offer before they even talk to you.

  • Connect with like-minded, like-hearted women, grow your network and fun, meeting other women on a mission.


Join Caterina at the Expand Your Fempire Summit and Step into the Kind of Exciting Entrepreneurial Endeavor You Truly Desire.

Friday, February 21st & Saturday, February 22nd, 2020 | 9am-5pm
Four Points Sheraton*, San Rafael 1010 Northgate Drive San Rafael, CA 94903

Attend in person, San Rafael:

Attend online via ZOOM:

*Reserve your hotel room by Feb. 14th with our discount rate here.

Linda_Lenore_Headshot-214x3001“In January, I attended Caterina’s “Keys to Catapult Your Business.” I had no idea on what I really wanted to focus or where next to take my business. During the day I decided to do a VIP Appreciation Day. I structured it to the very geographically and client-type targeted. I put it together in one week. The attendees from that quick VIP day have generated over half my income in the last 2 months. This income is FOUR TIMES what I had generated last year during this same time of year. These same people have also written incredibly powerful testimonials that have “sold” other new clients on me and my services.”

– Linda Lenore, Green Chi Designs

testimonial_EllenRogin“Finding Caterina was one of the best things to happen for my business. She has helped me plan and launch my book release and more importantly coached me on how to leverage my book to bring in business. Caterina is generous with her resources and has connected me with her golden rolodex of people who can also help me be set for success.”

– Ellen S. Rogin, CPA, CFP®, Author of Great with Money

“Caterina has had her eye on me for a few years. She saw my passion for my business and wanted to help me start to make a lot of money. I finally said yes, I wish I had not waited. My revenue doubled the month after I started with Caterina. Run, do not walk to work with her.”

– Sheya Chisenga, CEO and Founder Inspiring Everyday Women

Tammy-Tribble“Since I met Caterina a couple of years ago my world has exploded in a good way, my business has quadrupled in the number of wonderful clients we serve and my confidence and joy as a successful businesswoman has quadrupled too. Caterina has advised me and encouraged me to try new things and put myself out there in new ways. As a result, many wonderful opportunities and many new fabulous new clients have dropped in my lap. I can’t wait for the Personal Breakthrough Luxury Retreat. I know it will serve as a catalyst for me achieving even more.”

– Tammy Tribble, Web Designer, Business Branding Specialist

Bev-Adamo“The summits inspired me to believe that I have tremendous value to bring to my clients AND provided me with actions I could take right away to realize revenue from delivering that value. The summit with Caterina was the catalyst for me to leave my job, go out on my own and do what I love. As a result, I now enjoy running my six-figure business.”

– Bev Adamo, Certified Dream Coach and Life Coach

Diana-Morgan-cropped-copy“Since I have been working closely with Caterina my business has grown more than ever. I have quadrupled my speaking and I am coming home with a few, to a lot of new clients every time I present. I am continuing to work with Caterina because every time I do my business grows more. She is inspiring, a great coach and operates with integrity.”

– Diana Morgan – President, Whole Heart Marketing

Gloria-Brown-Cropped-300x298“Caterina is amazing! She provides powerful tools, tips and techniques with tons of value. Caterina’s programs have taken my business beyond the next level to places I never imagined my business could go. I am serving more women than ever and I am having more fun and making more money than ever before.”

– Gloria L. Brown – Speaker, Author, Personal/Professional Strategist

For questions call Caterina Rando directly at 415-668-4535 or email cat@caterinarando.com